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(especially of feelings or behaviour) expressed openly; undisguised.

The central theme for the entire album is of optimistic HOPE - pure, raw and honest. It is the journey of recovery. This could be recovery from a depressive illness, a heartbreak, an addiction, a failed relationship or from an unhappy life to a happy one. Every track on the album is themed to a particular 'way' to hope for a more positive future.

Gentle and uncomplicated melodic ideas are explored using a beautifully treated felt piano and encased in appropriately ethereal synths. The harmonies often begin simple and find their way through a path of interchanging inversions to a place of tranquility, light and the utopia you often dreamed about. 


It is worth hoping for a better outcome. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.  




"There are times in life we feel things are happening for a reason and they seem to conclude in an organised happy way, other times there's a great chaos and dis- organisation to things and the outcome is not what we intended or thought would happen. Equally there are moments where we experience a sort of on-going never changing situation despite our will to change it but even then there is beauty in the pattern and yearning to grow and becomes something better.


The album finds profundity in all areas of life and mirrors what we feel at those intense moments; be it joy, gratitude, love or ones family or friends, but also boredom, frustration, being stuck in a rut, these are all perfectly valid emotions and when felt strong they can only be profoundly represented by music.


We don't always do things perfectly and these sketchbooks of original compositions encapsulate that. They are well meaning ideas that have grown for better or worse into something far different to what was expected." 



 Found is the debut solo release of piano and string quartet by British born Pianist & Composer Ric Mills. He describes this album as follows:


Found is a suite of eight pieces that have been in formation for many years. Although the ideas behind the structures are harmonically simple and very accessible they flow from a period of intense introspection, an inward self-discovery, and the result is a reflection of the ‘real you’. I’ve been composing functional and formulaic music for many years and answerable to others in terms of music creation - although a great learning experience and an enjoyable period in my life, it is amazing to actually feel, compose and perform the music that is a truer expression of who I am."