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Music has the profound ability to move us – breaking open our hearts, minds and compelling us to express complex emotions in a visceral way. This is what draws Ric Mills to music.

As a composer, Ric surrenders to the process composing music, letting it flow through him unfiltered and sincere. Sometimes his experience is utter joy, other times it’s frustration or grief.

But he knows that at its core, music is a universal language we all understand. It makes us feel acknowledged, gives us the freedom to express our humanity – connecting us.

This has been an ongoing theme throughout his career in television and film, helping people connect with the action and characters on screen. But he knows there’s nothing like the feeling of rapture and relief that comes from letting go and composing without limits. This comes across loud and clear in his first album, ‘Found’ (2018).

For Ric, the creative process was like opening the door to a cage that had rusted shut. Layering subtle cinematic techniques with weightless piano score, each song embodies the underlying freedom and hope he felt during its conception. It’s an album to be experienced with your entire being – closing your eyes and engaging your senses to enjoy the moment and forget the burdens of everyday life.


His second album is intentionally minimalist and moving. ‘Profoundly Piano’ (2019) explores our inner complexities, our hopes and turmoil using discordant phrasing and intentional breaks between notes to encourage introspection. A true experiment of sound designed to disarm you with raw, unadulterated honesty.


Ric is often surprised by how much music has the capacity to envelop you and heal you. Like many people he’s suffered periods of depression in his life, and knows from experience that the right song at the right time can transport him from the darkness into a place of security, hope and comfort like no medication could ever do.


This was the thought process behind ‘Naked Hope’ (2019). Ric knows that music transcends everything else, giving us the capacity to make our brief time on earth mean so much more than the sum of our day-to-day lives.


‘Naked Hope’ explores the wilderness of our hearts and the beauty around us – without judgement. It’s emotionally compelling and deeply relatable. In fact, his music has resonated with listeners all over the world.


"His music is breathtakingly intense in the most subtle way. Incredibly thought provoking. His music is beautiful."

– Robyn Young, Manager- The Film Music Network Hollywood CA, USA

"I have heard a lot of music in various styles, composed by Ric Mills and am impressed not only be his versatility but his gift for melody and his skilled arrangements. I hope to offer Ric a feature film I have planned."

– Bruce Beresford, Film Director

"Ric's Works form a classical foundation full of emotion and feeling not like any other composer I know. He is unique, highly creative and extremely versatile. His many Works are truly eclectic and powerful."

– Gary Seeger, Independent Music Supervisor, Sydney (Wolf Creek 2, Disgrace, A Deeper Shade of Blue, Quicksilver, So You Think You Can Dance, The Strip, Emerald Falls)

“Original, emotional and yet very simple at the same time.”

– Julietta


“The long and empty spaces between the chords, perfectly fitting the sense of ‘less is more.’ Ric is a wonderful addition to my playlist.”