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Found (2018) is a debut solo release of piano and string quartet by British born Pianist & Composer Ric Mills. He describes this album as follows:


Found is a suite of eight pieces that have been in formation for many years. Although the ideas behind the structures are harmonically simple and very accessible they flow from a period of intense introspection, an inward self-discovery, and the result is a reflection of the ‘real you’. I’ve been composing functional and formulaic music for many years and answerable to others in terms of music creation - although a great learning experience and an enjoyable period in my life, it is amazing to actually feel, compose and perform the music that is a truer expression of who I am."













FOUND - Movement Meanings

The Walk - the pathway of the musical can lonely, repetitive and tumultuous   

The Call - someone wants some music; it’s a basic brief but I want to make it complex and beautiful 


The Church - two notes mirror two contrasting places inspiration can come from; the divine and the mundane 


The Circle (Dream)- Composing in circles of well worn pathways yet still creating a unique story


The Story (Meeting)- Telling your story through music - depicting moments of the sublime and the everyday 


The Promise - Making a life long commitment to music creation; through better or for worse


The Arrival - A theme celebrating the arrival of success, the feelings of satisfied completion and pleasure 


The Peace - A slow moving, restful yet relentless harmonic movement conveying a deep sense of peace  

Album Credits

Strings Produced by Esession Strings (Los Angeles, USA)


String Production: Pablo Hopenhayn


String arrangements: Ric Mills


Orchestration/Score Preparation: Pablo Salzman


Live Strings Mixing/Mastering: Pablo Pupillo


Piano: Ric Mills 


Violins/Violas: Pablo Hopenhayn


Cellos: Paula Pomeraniec


Additional Mixing, Production & Mastering: Craig G Richards (Melbourne, Australia)