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"My life has always orbited around music. It’s taught me resilience and strength and impacted my life in more ways than I can count.

I’ve composed hundreds of scores. In fact, millions of people have been moved by my music worldwide – even if they don’t know it. I’ve won awards for the way it connected audiences with the action and the characters on screen. But my music isn't just a backdrop to some else's tv show, it's also my own soundtrack to my life. The original piano scores you will find here are my little take on the world and although composed using well-worn formulas, they are I hope a small auditory glimpse of the man I am. If you’re looking for music that reaches deep into your soul, I invite you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in my music."

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The formal stuff...

Ric gained his Music degree (B.A. Hons) from Edge Hill College (Lancaster University) in the UK in 2000. He also holds a Master's Degree (M.A.) in Composing for Film & Television from Kingston University London in 2003. Ric obtained a post graduate diploma in music education from Wesley College Australia and Licentiate Diploma in Composition from the Australian Society of Musicology & Composition in 2012.