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Prologue - 

The debut piano album

'Prologue' is Ric Mills' eagerly awaited debut solo piano album - to be released in late 2015.


This very special album marks a change in direction for Ric - moving from creating compositions soley for film & television to a career writing special musical pieces for solo piano.


The theme of the album is very much 'introductory' in nature - take the opportunity to meet Ric Mills the performer and writer of deeply emotive music.


To date Ric has been working for music publishers, commercal companies and advertising houses as a composer of music to picture. Each commission has led Ric to explore many different styles, instrumentations and orchestrations from traditional to modern. He has composed for other people for most of his musical life and is equally comfortable creating popular melodies & songs as he is writing suites for strings, saxophone, organ and voice. 


in 2014 Ric began to search for a different expression of his own compositional voice in a series of compositions for Wirrapang Music Publishing and later ABC Classic FM. Musical collaborations with Newcastle Cathedral Choir, Saxophonist Robert Woodward and Pianist Benjamin Burton have led to the birth of a more personal, honest and touching soundscape for him.   


'Prologue' marks the start of a new journey in this most introspective style for Ric - listen to the album and you will fall in love with Ric's highly accessible, melodic, ambient, meditative and often minimalistic style.