Recent Work

A small selection of work for presentation.


Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Just before lockdown I managed to get a series of orchestral recordings down with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in 2019. Adieu is the last track in the album and is a beautiful cue for use in film as we say farewell to the main character(s).

Tin Can Clan

- 48 Hour Short Film Festival Sydney

Something's Not Right 

A short film created in 48 hours with award-winning music and sound design by Ric Mills.


Universal Trailer Series

'Superheroes & Sorcery'

One of the tracks from an award-nominated album by Ric Mills produced by Steve Everitt. 'Inside The Mind'. 

Piano Sunday

piano sunday new one v2.png

Promo for Piano Sunday -
65,000k Spotify monthly listeners

'Not This' with a Sydney Conservatorium Ensemble.

Felt Music UK


Heroes & Romance - 'Soar'

'Soar' is a short orchestrated track on the album 'Heroes & Romance' published by Felt Music UK. This album is on the main playlist with Scala Radio in the UK as well as offered to production companies throughout the world for media use.

Independent Release

Time To Myself - Album

ApartRic Mills
00:00 / 03:35

During Lockdown in 2020 I wrote an album for solo strings, woodwind and piano. I had no one to perform with so everything you hear is virtual.

time to myself.png

Independent Release

worry is proposterous ricmills version.png

'Worry Is Preposterous'

Featured on Scala Radio's Sunday Show with Anne Frankenstein, 'Worry Is Preposterous' is a beautiful solo piano score; mix between neoclassical and jazz to calm the mind and give subtle hope to the spirit.