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"I have heard a lot of music in various styles, composed by Ric Mills and am impressed not only be his versatility but his gift for melody and his skilled arrangements.I hope to offer Ric a feature film I have planned."


Bruce Beresford - Film Director 

Roots, Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy, Evelyn, Black Robe, Mao’s Last Dancer,Bonnie and Clyde, Double Jeopardy


"Ric is an an amazing and super talented writer - he can compose in a variety of styles but really shines as an orchestral composer, I would call him the next John Williams meets Danny Elfman with a sprinkling of Thomas Newman and Craig Armstrong. He has composed tracks for our Universal Production Music label Vitamin A which have been very well received worldwide within the Film, Trailer, TV Promo’s and Production market. Ric currently is also a contractor for Universal label affiliates such as Warner Chappell, SoundPocket, Plan8 (London) and X-Ray Dog (LA) and when required I often reach out to him to compose cues and themes for various uses here in the UK."

Craig Beck - Head of Production - Universal Production Music London UK  

“I have known and worked with Ric Mills for several years, and keep coming back whenever the opportunity arises.  Ric is creative, artistic and passionately driven to deliver quality product and tailored responses to briefs.  He is a pleasure to work with, incredibly prompt and always on target. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”


Kim Green - Music Licensing Australia  

Kath & Kimderella, The Great Gatsby, Mao's Last Dancer, Who Do You Think You Are, Underbelly, Making Of Bernadette McLeod’s Daughters, Kath & Kim, The Librarians, Tripping Over

"Ric Mills is an outstanding composer with a high level of skill in musical storytelling, composing and production, on brief. Ric is a mature and experienced individual and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Ric for composition work in a commercial and highly creative context. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my experience with Ric." 

Zac Carmody - Composer/Executive Producer - Red Canary

Red Canary is a Music Agency recently served clients including Audi, Breville, Canon, Sugar Pie, Google Nexus 



"Ric's Works form a classical foundation full of emotion and feeling not like any other composer I know.  He is unique, highly creative and extremely versatile.  His many Works are truly eclectic and powerful."


Gary Seeger- Independent Music Supervisor - Sydney, Australia.

Wolf Creek 2, Disgrace, A Deeper Shade of Blue, Quicksilver, So You Think You Can Dance, The Strip, Emerald Falls

“I’m very impressed by his variety of styles and his ability to provide great quality music even within a short time frame, I definitely enjoy working with Ric. He might live on the other side of the planet but communication is great and file delivery in due time has never been a problem. I’m looking forward to listening to his future works.”


Martin Pelz
A&R/Music Supervising
Intervox Production Music Publishing GmbH, MUNICH, Germany.

“Ric’s music is breathtakingly intense in the most subtle way, incredibly thought provoking. His music is beautiful”.


Robyn Young
Manager- The Film Music Network
Hollywood CA, USA

"Ric Mills is damn good at scoring for film. He converts my fluttering, disjointed ideas into something sharp and meaningful-- a true master of his craft. Just when I think I've heard it all, he comes up with something new. I highly recommend Ric to compose for all genres. His range is quite impressive."


Austin Boggs 

Independent Film Director 

The final outcome of the project is always Ric's top priority.  He always ensure you get what you want....his skill set is very versatile.  Ric is able to flex from classical sounds to contemporary in an instant."  


Independent Film Director

Irregular Guy - Universal Production Music (Dramalicious) 2006 Ric Mills
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